Monday, October 3, 2011

Architectural Design - Community Center

The Community Center was in designed in mind for the purposes of relaxation and for a place to group together. The facilities that are present in the community center would be rooms for learning, a badminton/basketball court, a food court and finally a library. The Library and food court were made in mind to make this community center to have made a environment were students could study and take a break at. They could also sign up for enrichments centers in the community center, hence thats why there are rooms available in the community center. Also, the badminton/basketball court will be available to the public for them to use.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Architectural Design - Sports Complex


I Feel that a criteria of a good architecture is that it should be appealing to the eye. It should have different colors that attracts ones attention, and it should have unusual shapes (Trapezium, parallelogram). Its design should also be unique and fit the activities that it is held in. In this case of the current architecture, it has bubble like windows on the top of the building, to help prevent heat gain in the summer and hear loss in the winter. Also, lots of the lighting that is seen in the pictures are of sunlight, saving electricity that is needed for lights.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What is Architectural Design?

1) Architecture design refers to the actual design and layout of spaces. Architecture encompasses many different elements including construction, design, and the manipulation of light as it relates to shadow. Throughout history, architects have found ways to create functional and practical spaces using any materials that were available.

What Is Architecture Design? Conjecture Corporation , Taken 28/6/11,

2) Concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objective(s) under the given constraints or limitations. See also behavioral design.

Architectural design, Business dictonary, Taken 28/6/11,

3) Architecture refers to the design and planning stages of building construction. Architectural design is the process by which buildings, or structures, transform from an architect's vision to the finished plans used by construction professionals. The majority of the modern architectural designer's job is performed on a computer. As a result, much of architectural design degree programs focus on the use and application of industry standard technology- based courses, as well as courses in design principles, building codes, scale models, and architectural history. The US Department of Labor indicates the highest paid architects earn over $100,000 annually, but most earn between $45,000 and $80,000 a year.

Architectural Design,